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News & Events

Harbors Magazine


We had a visit by the editor of Harbors Magazine who joined us on a tour in and around the Sunshine Coast. This is a great read with a tease on the legendary 'Blackie' a bush pilot in the 70's and 80's who would fly items such as caviar to waterfront homes along the coastline. Read the article online or look for a magazine in any floatplane or airline office throughout BC.







Westjet Magazine

Sunshine Coast Air was stoked to be a part of the October Issue of the Westjet Magazine. SCA hosted the Westjet Film crew this past summer. Here is what they said. "To see more of the Sunshine Coast, book a “flightseeing” tour with one of the private floatplane operators in the area. Sechelt’s Sunshine Coast Air offers tours that include trips to the Sechelt Rapids or the picturesque, glacier-fed Phantom Lake. For a real treat, book a Fly N’ Dine package: guests are flown out for a five-course dinner at the West Coast Wilderness Lodge in Egmont." Read More



Chatterbox Falls tours

Chatterbox Falls tours

Vancouver Sun - Jane Mundy

Sunshine Coast Air was fortunate to host writer Jane Mundy on a plane ride in and around the beautiful Sechelt Inlet on the Sunshine Coast. If you haven’t been to the Sunshine Coast it’s hard to imagine that a 20-minute floatplane ride from YVR to Sechelt which will transport you to incredible scenery, a slower pace and boundless opportunities to connect with nature. And the 180-kilometre stretch of coastline is indeed sunnier than the Lower Mainland. Click here to read the entire story. SCA offers Flightseeing Tours to Chatterbox, Phantom Lake and breathtaking Glacier Tours. Book today!



For the last 10 years I have been flying families, professionals and tourists to and from the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver and Vancouver Island in the famed de Havilland Beaver a timeless classic that is renowned for its safety and reliability.

I grew up in Thunder Bay Ontario and got my start in the aviation industry at fly-in fishing resorts. I came out to BC over 15 years ago to fly with a seaplane company in Sechelt and fell in love with the West Coast. In 2014 I took over this business now known as Sunshine Coast Air. I am foturnuate to have the job of taking people from around the world on our ‘flightseeing’ tours to view the Coast’s natural beauty. Soaring over magnificent waterfalls, rugged coastlines, turquoise lakes, and stunning mountain ranges are just some of what our guests experiences when you take a tour with us. Read More

The Hidden Gem Of Vancouver Island – Nanaimo! - Sacha DeVoretz

A Flightseeing tour is a fun way to see a new destination. You can see the destination from a new perspective and see the sights from the comfort of a smaller plane.Sunshine Coast Air has daily tours that provide you with a great way to see Nanaimo and the area.

Click Here for full article

Sunshine Coast Air Flightseeing Tour 






On foot or by car you really cant visualize the rugged and beautiful coastline that makes up Vancouver Island. With Nanaimo showcasing some of the best locations the best way to do it is see for yourself with a Sunshine Coast Air floatplane tour right out of the downtown harbor. You will see the size of Gabriola, Newcastle and Protection Islands. You’ll look down to see the national heritage site Entrance Island Lighthouse , a picturesque establishment of white building with red roofs and the lighthouse itself built in 1876 all on its own tiny island. Watch the busy boating traffic from sailboats to the massive BC Ferries make their way through the harbors and if you’re lucky might even see some whale traffic from the local orca population. View entire blog HERE

The Sunshine Coast - Canada's most underrated destination. The World on my Necklace

Another article telling of the MANY great reasons to visit the Sunshine Coast, anytime of year! We have everything for the outdoor enthusiast, the art enthusiast or for those who enjoy simply sitting back and enjoying the breathtaking views in one of the many waterfront accommodations on the coast. Visit the farmers markets or hit the beaches in the summer months, or put on your snowshoes and visit Dakota Ridge, a magical place of ancient trees covered in snow! Whatever time of year, make sure you get here!

10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Vancouver Island In June - Huffington Post

Great to see Nanaimo in the top 10 reasons why you should visit Vancouver Island. The historic town of Nanaimo is home to eclectic gift shops, boutique clothing stores, new and used book shops, two amazing record stores and of course a plethora of great little cafes where you can of course buy yourself a world famous Nanaimo bar. It is only a 15 minute flight from Sechelt if you are looking for something fun and easy to get to!

8. Nanaimo

The charming town has such great diving, Jacques Cousteau even called them out on it. It’s also home to July’s bathtub race, which sounds super weird. It’s probably most famous for its namesake bars — there’s even a trail you can take to try a ton of varieties. (If you want to make your own, check out this recipe).

The Sunshine Coast - Vancouver Sun

"Next morning Josh Ramsay with Sunshine Coast Air flew us in his vintage de Havilland beaver float plane to Princess Louisa Inlet, surrounded by 5,000 ft high granite walls and Chatterbox Falls cascading from the rocks. Tolkien’s inspiration could have come from here."

See Full Article Here - by Jane Mundy

50 Awesome Things to Do on the Sunshine Coast

Cruise the skies with Sunshine Coast Air

Kayak, canoe or Stand Up Paddleboard Sechelt InletCredit: (c) Sunshine Coast Tourism

Location: 5987 Sechelt Inlet Rd., Sechelt and Unit #7 - 90 Front Street Nanaimo, BC

Description: This locally owned and operated floatplane company will take you up, up and away on a flightseeing adventure. You’ll fly in a de Havilland Beaver plane, which can accommodate excellent photos from the large windows.

Why You Should Do It: Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Sunshine Coast from a completely new point of view. Coastline, islands and inlets, and if your budget allows you can even expand your flight to include glacier lakes, waterfalls and mountains.

View Article Here

British Columbia Floats your Boat or Plane - Pittsburgh Post- Gazette

"Next morning, it’s time to fly. Josh Ramsay, a young Ontario native, hands me a headset and pushes the throttle. No runway delays here. In 15 seconds, our float plane clears the water, heading for Whistler. The West Coast Wilderness Lodge recedes into the misty forest. Mr. Ramsay apologizes for the weather." View Article

Top 10 Must-Do Things To Do on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

I consider myself pretty lucky. I get to live in an area of the world that people the world over come for peace and relaxation.Where do I live? The beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada - home to celebrities and regular folk alike, and a thriving arts community. It's laid back charm is a mecca for those escaping the city and the limelight. You never know who you'll run into here!The Coast is actually part of the mainland, but is only accessible by ferry and by air (float plane, helicopter and private aircraft). It's a mere 40 minutes from Vancouver, and is made up of a number of communities strung along the most northerly spans of Highway 101 - Langdale, Gibsons, Roberts Creek, Davis Bay, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Secret Cove, Madeira Park and Pender Harbour, and Egmont. At the extreme north end of the Coast are the communities of Powell River and Lund, which are a bit too far north to cover in this article.I spent most of my childhood here (from ages 5 to 17), and came back in 2008 to raise my son surrounded by nature and the influence of the ocean. In the three years since we arrived, we've had the opportunity to take in attractions and activities that didn't even exist way back when. So when Claudia Looi asked me to write this article, and as I began to think of places I'd recommend to visitors to our gorgeous little corner of the world, there were a few that definitely stood out. Here they are - our top 10 must-do things to do and see on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

10. Climb Soames Hill

If you're up for an intense workout and a breathtaking view, you'll want to hike Soames Hill (or Knob Hill, as it was known when I was growing up). It's only a 5 minute drive from the ferry terminal, and well worth the sweat. It's a mini-version of the famous (or infamous) Grouse Grind in North Vancouver and the view at the top will have you sitting and taking it all in. Pack a hearty snack - and lots of water - and enjoy the best view on the Sunshine Coast for as long as you need to catch your breath...

9. Lunch at Smitty's Oyster House

Nestled on the water next to the local marina is Smitty's Oyster House. Residing in what used to be a marine machine shop when I was growing up, Smitty's brings big city sophistication to our former blue-collar little town. And what a sophistication it is! Their specialty is raw oysters, which I never really appreciated until our first visit to Smitty's shortly after we arrived here in the fall of 2008. Here you can sample offerings from the various oyster farms up and down the BC coast - from the tiny Kusshis to the giants from Fanny Bay. All you need is a dash of fresh grated horseradish and Smitty's assortment of hot sauces and you're ready for a memorable taste experience.Smitty's Oyster HouseNot into raw shellfish? They've got a fabulous cooked menu as well, featuring fish tacos and halibut fritters that will have your mouth watering before they hit the table. Food is prepared in an open kitchen, so you can see everything being assembled right there in front of you. Dine inside in the cozy, two-level open room or outside along the seawall at the 27-foot spruce harvest table - either way, Smitty's is an authentic Sunshine Coast dining experience. Don't miss it! And afterwards, take some time to wander around the village - there are some lovely shops to peruse...

8. Stroll the Pier at Roberts Creek

The pier at Roberts Creek extends far out into the ocean and provides a gorgeous vantage point to watch the sun set on a summer (or winter) evening. A number of benches line the promenade, where you can sit down with your latte from the Gumboot Cafe just up the road and catch up on the adventures of the day with your travel companions, or just soak up the sounds of the surf and seagulls. Roberts Creek is an artists' mecca, full of galleries and studios, and is well worth a couple of hours on your agenda to just explore at a leisurely pace.

7. Fly a Kite at Davis Bay Beach

Sandy beaches are a bit of a rarity on the Sunshine Coast, so when you find one, it's bound to be busy. But off-season, Davis Bay, between Gibsons and Sechelt, is a perfect spot to enjoy a coffee and watch the kite sailors test their skills just off the beach. It's also the perfect place to launch a kite, as the wind is fairly constant and promises a successful kite launch at most times of the year. Grab your favorite beverage at Pier 17 and wander the seawall back to the sandy part of the beach to take in the show. A perfect way to spend an early evening.

6. See a Sturgeon at Target Marine Hatchery

Overfishing has led to the collapse of fisheries that once supplied most of the world’s caviar. On British Columbia's Sunshine Coast, you'll find Target Marine, the producer of Northern Divine caviar and the only producer of white sturgeon in Canada. Target Marine began rearing their first generation of white sturgeon in 2000 in a land-based fish farm system that is now supplying a growing market with a healthy, eco-friendly product that is helping ease the mounting pressure off of wild sturgeon stocks. It's an amazing tour - if you've never seen these creatures up close, they are magnificent. And you can buy the caviar right at the farm! Here's the contact information.

5. Spend a Romantic Night with Your Sweetie in a Luxury Tent at Rockwater Resort

Imagine waking to the sound of the surf and the breeze right outside your door - and the walls. That's what you'll experience when you stay in a Tenthouse Suite at Rockwater Secret Cove Resort in Secret Cove, not too far past Sechelt. Deluxe furnishings, fine linens, king-size beds, hydro-therapy tubs, rain forest shower, propane fireplace, shoji screens and radiant floor heating - and a view you won't believe. It's adults only for these suites, but the resort has a number of other family-friendly accommodations, including beach-side cabins and poolside rooms. The resort also has a lovely spa, and at certain times of the year, you can take your massage at the waterfront, or in a tenthouse suite. Not bad... not bad at all.

4. Sauna in a Cave at The Spa at Painted Boat Resort

I've been lucky enough to visit The Spa at Painted Boat on a couple of occasions, and both times I experienced top-notch service and a spa ambiance that's unmatched elsewhere on the Coast (and we've got some lovely spas). Along with a full menu of spa services using organic skin care lines, there's also a sauna cave, outdoor glacial rain shower, multi-jet hot pool with massaging waterfall, and warm salt water flotation pool. And when you're all done and feeling like putty, you can relax further by the warmth of an outdoor fire pit. You'll have to have someone carry you out, it's that relaxing. Definitely an ultimate West Coast spa experience. I'll be heading back soon for an afternoon of pampering...

3. Gawk in Awe at the Kayakers at Skookumchuk Rapids

When my son was quite young we packed him up in the Ergo carrier and made the trek in to Skookumchuk Rapids Provincial Park to watch the whitewater kayakers surfing the tidal surge. With a 3-metre tide change, 200 billion gallons of water flow through the Skookumchuck, which connects Sechelt Inlet to Jervis Inlet. To view the most spectacular rapids, you'll want to time your visit to arrive at the viewpoint right when the surge is at its strongest. It's a bit of a walk (about an hour from the parking lot), but the grade is gentle and the surroundings absolutely beautiful. It's a west coast rainforest adventure that you won't soon forget. At certain times of year, the tides are massive, and those are the days the kayakers descent en masse to test their mettle. Visiting the park on those days means it won't be a nice, quiet hike, but the spectacle is well worth it.

2. Watch the Waves on Bonniebrook Beach

A hidden gem, Bonniebrook Beach is tucked away along an esplanade far from the main travel routes. The only crowds you'll find here are the locals out walking their dogs. And at the very end of Ocean Beach Esplanade (which is lined with heritage cottages alongside million-dollar-plus homes, you'll find a rare-for-this-part-of-the-world sandy beach to tuck into for an afternoon of waves and sun - and a good book. If you like waves and sunshine, you'll love Bonniebrook. There are no washrooms here - plan accordingly.

Chasters1. Settle in for Dinner at Chasters

The Sunshine Coast is home to a number of first class restaurants,

The Wrap-up

Visiting all of these places would be an incredible weekend! But there's so much more to keep you busy and expand your horizons: